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3 Tips For Men with ADHD during COVID-19

"I realized that my normal lifestyle is everyone else's nightmare."

A response I got when I asked my followers "what's one thing you've learned during this COVID-19 period?"

When I read this answer, I did admittedly have a giggle but I also realized that out there are many of us out there that are dealing with a really tough time, many of whom are men with ADHD. Many of us ADHD men are feeling alone, anxiety levels are risen, confidence falling as we may be feeling we should be "way more productive" during this time period, you name it.

You're most certainly not alone.

Below, I'll be sharing with you 3 things that have helped me lots during this period.

#1. "Social distancing, not emotional distancing."

One of the biggest things for me right now is the fact that during this time at home, I still have my connections. I'm a big fan of Facebook groups, reaching out to friends via text, facetime with loved ones, there's so many options.

If you're looking for a place to begin, check out my free Facebook group ADHD Men's Support Group.

#2. Make time for your passion.

What I call "the ADHD passion" is really different for all of us. One of the best ways to use this quarantined time, for me at least, is to make time doing what you love. If you're a guitar player, I don't think that using a time like now to maybe learn one of your favorite songs or create a song that's maybe been an on going melody in your head is a bad idea. In fact, I think it's a great one. Now, more than ever, is such a great opportunity (if we're not dealing with or know someone dealing with a health issue, of course) for us to develop or improve upon a skill in a field related to what we really love.

Here's the REALLY important part with this - it shouldn't be looked at as something you have to do. It so isn't. There's no shortage of messages on social media basically shaming people for not using this time for self improvement, and to me, those messages are of no value.

Rather than looking at this as something you have to do to be an ethical and moral person, look at this as an active way of saying "I LOVE YOU" yourself. When we with ADHD have this perspective, it changes the game.

Dare you to try it.

#3. Recognize it's okay to be with your feelings.

Will this be a tip in nearly all of my blogs for ADHD men? Yes, most likely. We need this reminder.

Men, we are doing ourselves no favors when we are shaming one another or ourselves for not feeling what we call the "masculine" emotion of strength. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to not feel your best. You are human.

And as a human, you need to know that we are social creatures. Talking about our feelings helps. Writing things down helps. Having non judging friends helps. These are all things we are 100% worthy of having and contrary to popular belief, these things make us stronger, we feel more like ourselves, more empowered and ready to take on the things in our lives that we ADHD men want to take on.

What I really want you to know with this article is that while this is an undeniably tough time for many of us, we will get through this. This too shall pass - and the least we can do is be here (virtually, of course) for one another and take the time we need to be our best, most authentic version of ourselves.

Said with love,

Marc Almodovar

Coach, speaker and co-author at "Wellness wih Marc"

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