• Marc Almodovar

Daily Blog #10 - Accountability

"Who do you have to become in order to make this happen?"

A question posed by my coach the other day when reviewing my goals.

It's interesting to reflect on what a gift accountability can be - when it's looked at properly and coming from people who genuinely wish you well.

In my life, it's been easy to let my ego get in the way when receiving accountability. Here's some examples of the way that my ego shows up - navigating my ADHD, how I lead, how I show up as a son and marketing are some examples.

Here's the deal - it's never done me any favors, but being held accountable has. Accountability to me is a loving "push". A loving push towards a new, stronger you. It's that personal trainer encouraging you to do one more rep. The coach cheering you on as you push through. Your teammates helping you take that next "level up"?

How and where can you welcome accountability in to your life?


Currently reading - "Conscious Leadership" by John Mackey

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