• Marc Almodovar

Daily Blog #3 - Recognizing Yourself

“Nice job, me.”

A few weeks ago, I tweeted this and it really hit home for some on Twitter and Instagram. When we‘re growing up in a society in which we are a little different than your ”average Joe” it’s easy to feel like we’re less than and to not see our goods.

I have a question to ask you and for you to think about today - “who am I allowing to define what “good” is for me?”

Ill break some coaching rules and spoil it with what I find a helpful answer to be - and that’s yourself.

Today, I’m choosing to recognize that while I’m most certainly not perfect, I’ve shown up consistently when things got hard. I may not always have executed in the best ways possible - but I know that my intentions have always been pure. That’s something that I’m proud of.

This email is a reminder to see your wins a little more often. No matter how small.


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