• Marc Almodovar

Daily Blog #5 - Pivoting

Too often, we feel stuck. We feel that because we've made the decisions that we've made, we're stuck we're we are and there's just no way that we can get out of the loophole at hand.

This is an untrue story told by one of the most dangerous traits in our day to day lives - comfort.

The thought of heading a different direction can be scary. Really scary. It also takes humility, as we're recognizing that the steps that we have taken before may not have been ideal. Humility isn't easy. I know because I've had to do this many times. Relationships I've been in, how I manage others and my coaching practice come to mind - as these are all spaces in which I've had to use my creativity to head a different direction when things weren't going as well.

What's even harder than pivoting though is living a life in which we engaged in the same activities that have held us back in many ways, never fully living to our potential when it comes to our wellbeing.

I fear being 90 years old aka "wellnesswithgrandpa" saying that I surrendered to what's held me back.

Here's the really good news though - this can be prevented for both you and I.

If something is bothering you internally, today, I'd encourage you to explore this feeling and where it's being brought up.

How can you pivot in this area in a practical yet self loving way? What can you learn from your past actions that you can take with you on your next step? How can you see the good in the past actions you've taken as opposed to self sabotage?


Check out what I'm currently reading - "Conscious Leadership" by Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey

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