• Marc Almodovar

Daily Blog #8 - Failing

I have a confession for all of you.

I have lived most of my life in deep fear of failing, and it's most certainly something that's held me back in my growth. Big time.

And I would actually argue that while I've gotten better in this area, my large fear of failing still pops up. Women that I didn't ask out, clients that I didn't work with because I didn't think high of myself (too young, too "unsuccessful", etc), speaking opportunities that I didn't pursue - there's so much here.

Looking back, I see that lots of those missed opportunities for my development was due to my dialogue surrounding failure. I, as a male with ADHD, was ashamed to fail. Big time. I was afraid that it would make me look less than.

What I didn't realize is that failing is one of the best things that can ever happen to me - and it's because of how I choose to see it now. I choose to see failing as an opportunity to learn about myself. If I didn't work out with a client as a coach, it's probably because I wasn't niched down to the people who "I'm for" enough or has something to do with an opportunity in how I show up. If a job didn't work it, it's probably because it's not within my realm of strengths and there's something way better for me out there.

All of the above is not only okay, it's necessary.

It's necessary because it's what's helped me grow in my life. And it's not the most enjoyable experience. I can't say a fake optimistic saying like "I look forward to failing" because it isn't true for me.

I look forward to learning from it, knowing that I'm a step closer to where I want to be and a having pride that I had the bravery to take the step.

What's one thing you can learn from your recent "failure"? I challenge you to reflect on this in a journal today!



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