• Marc Almodovar

Daily Blog #9 - "Small" Wins

What counts as a win in your book?

When we think of winning, we think of things like making a certain level of income, getting that car/material you've had your eye on for some time and a big opportunity in your professional career.

This isn't enough. One of the biggest contributing factors to my ability to keep going is that I'm now making a little more of an effort to acknowledge myself for accomplishing the day to day things. You can absolutely bet that I'm going to recognize myself for getting up and taking the time to write this blog. Even if one person reads it. Or the fact that I managed to get a goodnight of sleep.

The truth is, small wins aren't small - they are arguably the most important part of the picture. Small wins are what lead up to the larger things you are looking to accomplish in your life. When we can make an effort to make ourselves feel good about what we've done as opposed to self sabotaging ourselves for where we are not in our lives, the likelihood of us being persistent towards different things we're looking to accomplish is much higher.

What's a small win you can celebrate today? How can you recognize yourself in a healthy matter?


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