• Marc Almodovar

Daily-ish Blog #11 - Change

"What matters most is that you are persistent, not consistent." - something that I learned from my coach.

I decided to change the name of this blog as "daily" just isn't realistic for me (although that's still the goal) as just like you reading this (most likely), I am someone with an ADHD brain and there will be times where inconvenient external events happen (although, let's be real, the latter is for sure an excuse haha).

One thing I've been reflecting on is impermanence. I no longer subscribe to Buddhist ideologies, one of the things that I was taught when I used to attend retreats led by my friends who are monks was to regularly reflect on how things may change.

Here's the bad news. The things you have right now won't last forever. Just like the fresh coffee will go cold and the leaves will fall, the people you have in your life are not here forever. "Everything is impermanent." is that saying that was frequently said in the Buddhist tradition.

Here's the good news. You likely have some things in your life in which you cherish. Today, and this upcoming week, ask yourself this question - "Who, in my life right now, can I let know that I appreciate? How can I show it to them?"

Happy Sunday,


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