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Daily-ish Blog #12 - Self Talk

"I'm boring, I usually just get my coffee with oat milk."

Last night, I hosted a Zoom event on Self Talk. We had a great time - members of the support group I run went deep, sharing their own journeys, their own struggles and what's helped them. I, as the host and the coach who supposedly has it all together (spoiler, I don't), felt obligated to motivate others and share tips. And I'm glad I did.

However, I didn't really share much on my journey and how I'm still on the path. Today, as I was texting someone about drinks we get when we're at Starbucks, I started to reply saying "I'm boring, I usually just get my coffee with oat milk." and before hitting send, I realized that that type of self talk is something I no longer what I want to align myself with and deleted the self sabotaging humor.

I'm the furthest thing from boring. I'm highly engaging, frequently telling stories, a community builder, a coach, a leader and a proud founder/host of the ADHD Men's Support Group. Miss me with that "boring" nonsense.

I'm on this path and I'm looking to improve my self dialogue. I've come a long way, I've still got LOTS of work here. So what I propose to you is that you join me on this path.

How can we be mindful of our self dialogue when we speak? How can we see the great strengths that we bring to the planet?


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