• Marc Almodovar

Daily-ish Blog #14 - Action

Taking action is something we can struggle with a lot.

Missing payments, not booking appointments that you have to, reaching out to that friend of yours, etc - all things that I've had my obstacles with and so have many people with ADHD.

Over time, these small little things that we "put off" add up and have a big impact on our lives, and it can suck. It most certainly has for me. And it's expensive.

My question to you is, how can you start outsourcing some of these things in your life so that these problems don't take the toll that they potentially can?

Can you seek some loving accountability in the areas that are important but don't naturally capture your attention? Can you start writing down how you'll feel as a result to help the "minds eye" that ADHD expert Dr. Russell Barkley says that we struggle lots with? Lastly, how can you have a stronger "why" behind these things? Are you doing things because you "have to" or because you're making a choice for your wellbeing?

Some thoughts.

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