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Daily-ish Blog #17 - Self Awareness

"Self awareness is the first step to self improvement."

I'm not sure if this is a quote I made up or something I read in a book/heard on a podcast, but it's something that I live by.

I had a realization about myself recently. A realization that I realize may come across as if I'm adopting a victim mentality of some sort but I want to be clear that I feel that this is great news.

The realization is that I actually feel quite alone.

It's the truth. The guy that's built a 1.4k high engagement support group, collaborated with many and built tons of connections in the ADHD field feels alone.

Of course, I'm the furthest thing from alone. I am deeply, deeply loved by so many. Yesterday, an employee of mine even told me that I am appreciated and a regular of my high volume café handed me a custom made bookmark.

What's really missing for me is social interaction. I spend so much of my life aiming to be productive. Working as a manager, being a coach, hosting the ADHD Men's Support podcast/group, social media marketing - not so much taking the time to just be with people I love.

So that said, I'm using this self awareness of my lack of social interaction as a good thing and I'm going to take action for me.

My question to you is - what's an area in your life in which you would benefit from showing some attention? What does action in this area look like and how will it feel as a result of having done it?


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