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How To Positively See Your ADHD

"Why am I like this?"

This question breaks my heart. It really does. And it's one that I've asked many times.

In my latest episode of the new ADHD Men's Support Podcast, one of the things that I discussed was that growing up feeling misunderstood was a common obstacle for me and it turns out, this is something many of us with ADHD relate to.

I have good news, though.

It doesn't always have to be that way. In this blog, I'm going to share with you 3 of my favorite tips on building a more positive relationship with ADHD, as you, just like anyone else, deserve to live a life more inspired.

  1. You're not alone in imperfection.

Imperfection is a collective human trait. Writing this makes me think back to an event recently where a neurotypical person I know had made the intention to complete a task, but totally forgot to get it done and then apologized to me. Of course, I laughed and said it was okay (how hypocritical would it be of me to do other wise?) but then I thought to myself how often we with ADHD make this mistake and beat ourselves up about it - it's totally unfair.

She may not make this type of mistake half as much as those of us with ADHD do, but I'm sure she has many flaws of her own. It simply shows up differently for someone like her, and this falls true for every other person in which we unfairly compare ourselves to in the moments in which we "mess up".

Recognizing this can largely boost our self confidence and realize just how much we are not alone.

That said, feel free to say this loud so the people in the back can hear "Other. People. Mess. Up. Too."

You're not alone.

2. Write down your strengths.

There's a famous saying when it comes to ADHD, and it's "if it can't be seen, it doesn't exist."

Taking the time to grab a journal and write down what you're good at can really make a difference in seeing yourself and your ADHD in a more positive light. For me, seeing it and taking that extra step to write these can make all the difference.

Some common positive traits of people with ADHD are creativity, hyperfocus and problem solving. You can actually find a Twitter thread I created on this subject here.

3. See what's possible.

The good thing about ADHD is that it doesn't mean we can't succeed. There are many success examples of people with ADHD, such as Seth Godin (creator of the famous "Permission Marketing"), David Neeleman (founder of JetBlue), Albert Einstein and Justin Timberlake.

There's no denying that our struggles with organization, time management, impulsivity and executive functioning can be tough. But once we learn to navigate these things in our lives, we make more space to embrace our strengths and see the amazing humans that we really are.

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