• Marc Almodovar

Why ADHD Men Should Say "Yes" to Recharging

I found a big problem within the ADHD, hyperfocused community.

And a huge problem within myself.

And for me, this has been the real truth behind me burning out, letting my gift and my curse of hyperfocus go unmanaged.

It's the idea of giving ourselves, as ADHD men, permission to recharge. We STRUGGLE with this concept.

It's no question that I believe that there's great value in challenging yourself in a healthy way and showing up to the things that matter most to you on the days that you don't feel like it. When we rely on feelings for our productivity, we really begin to struggle.

However, this isn't to be misunderstood as overworking yourself and burning yourself out. As the human being that you are, you need to understand that if you're interested in the long game of what you're doing, you need to know that recharging is okay.

As men, we have a tendency to feel that if we rest or take a break, that that activity makes us less than. This couldn't be further from the truth.

When we do things like get a regular, good night of sleep and take breaks when we need it, our productivity goes up and we lose the risk of achieving the oh so dangerous thing known as unfulfillment. In my experience, engaging in recharge doesn't actually start without self permission.

Today, if you really feel the need for it, I challenge both you and I to say to yourself "Resting is a great idea, and I have done enough."


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